There are many types and forms of abuse, each as painful and harmful as the other.  Whether you are a victim of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, past or present, working with a competent counselor in the area of abuse is a necessary part of the healing process.

Often I hear that clients are hesitant to come to counseling for abuse issues because they are afraid to relive past painful memories or "open the floodgates".  Many people who are victims of childhood abuse have worked really hard to shut the doors to their abusive past and live life.  I have specialized training in working with abuse.  We will go step by step through the healing process together, to ensure that you are comfortable in the process.  Remember too, that you are in the drivers seat in the counseling process.  All it takes is for you to communciate with me regarding your comfort and needs. I will gently lead you through the process, taking extra care to ensure that you heal in a safe and effective manner.  

Healing is possible even after the most painful of abuse.  Together we can get you on the path to healing and living life to the fullest!

If you are experiencing current abuse and need immediate safety, please call Haven Women's Center at 524-4331 for help and resources including a confidential shelter program.