Unfortunately, many people will experience a traumatic event in their lifetime.  Trauma is any experience you have that causes severe emotional distress and comes in many forms.  Whether you have been the victim of a crime, suffered a sudden loss of a loved one, or been through a frightening experience, the result can be feelings of confusion, being overwhelmed, anxiety, depression, living in a constant state of fear, insomnia and many other difficult feelings.

Often people who have experienced trauma need the help of a trained professional to help them deal with the emotions and difficulties that come later.  For some, if left untreated, the result of the trauma can be severe emotional issues that interfere with being able to do daily tasks such as go to school, continue working or maintaining relationships with friends and family.  For some, the depression, anxiety and fear that come after the trauma can make you feel like a prisoner in your own life.

I have specialized training in working with women and children who have been victims of sexual assualt and/or domestic violence. I also work with individuals who have experienced other forms of trauma as well.