Many people are hesitant to come to counseling.  Fear of talking about problems, admitting problems to someone else or dealing with emotions can be difficult.  Many people fear that the therapist will judge them, especially if they expose their true thoughts, feelings, or behaviors.  

My office will provide a safe, supportive, encouraging and non-judgmental way to explore the issues and solutions. I will not judge you,  I consider it my duty to help you make the changes you are seeking, and will do my best to help you find ways to do that.  My job will not be to tell you what to do with or how to life your life.  Chances are you already have people around who are more than happy to give you their opinion about what you should do and how you should do it.  I believe that the process of counseling its a team effort.  Together you and I will uncover healing, skills, resources and change. 
Before you schedule you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out and bring with you.  This will help me to understand you better and get an idea of how I can help you.  The first session focuses on gathering information about you and helping you to set goals to improve your life.  After we have established the goals that you have set, we can, together, figure out a plan to set you on the path to obtaining those goals.  Throughout your counseling you will be an active part of the process.  It is an experience 100% for you, lead by you.  My job is to challenge you to think in different ways, and suggest ways to achieve the changes that brought you into the office.  Length of time in counseling is completely up to you.  There is nothing to fear, you are in the drivers seat.
For information on issues that I treat and specialize in see the "what issues does Cheryl treat?" section at the top of this page.
Do you have questions?  Not sure if counseling is the right step?  Not sure if I could be the right therapist?  Call me now for a free 10 minute consultation.  I welcome any questions you have and can help you determine if now is the right time, or I am the right person to help you!