The loss of a child, whether in pregnancy or after birth, is one of the most painful and life altering experiences a parent can experience.  It may feel that your future has been torn from you, and that nothing will ever be the same again.  You may feel alone, even with the support of family and friends.  You may not even feel that your partner understands what you are thinking and feeling.....or the extreme pain you are in. You may feel that you will never return to the level of functioning that you had before your loss.  Seeing people who are pregnant or have children may be more than you can bear. Loss can affect your marriage and relationships with others, as well as make you feel that you are all alone, even in a crowded room. It often feels like no one will ever be able to understand what you are going through.  It often feels that the pain will never go away.

I have both personal and professional experience in dealing with the pain that a loss of a pregnancy, or child can bring.  My office can provide the support and understanding that you may need in order to begin the complicated process of healing, especially in this time where you may not feel understood by others or may hear "advice" or words of encouragement from loved ones that are anything but helpful or encouraging.  In my office you can cry, be angry or just plain grieve with support and understanding.