At some point in each of our lives we experience grief. 

Each person grieves differently.  Grieving is the process that we go through after the loss of someone or something in our lives that is important to us.  Most of us think that we only grieve when someone passes away.  In reality, we also go through the grieving process when we lose a relationship, job, or anything else that is important to us.  There are five stages in the process of grieving.  Often people get stuck in the process.  Many get stuck in denial or anger or have difficulty moving past the feelings of being overwhelmed, in shock and sad.  Feelings in the grief process are often confusing and complicated, not to mention difficult, if not seemingly impossible, to live with.

Therapy can give you a place to process the loss you are experiencing, on your time frame.  Often we are told by society along with friends/family to "get over it".  People often experience loved ones becoming frustrated if we take "too long" in the process, resulting in a loss of support and further fueling anger, depression, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed.  Counseling can provide the safety needed to continue processing grief, even after every one else thinks you should "be over it", and can also be a great way to help you make sense of the loss, and deal with complicated feeling of anger, sadness, depression, anxiety and being overwhelmed.

If you have experienced a loss, any kind of loss, and are overwhelmed, like you just can't move forward, or that the feelings are too much to handle call me at (209) 602-9443 or email me at I will provide you a free 10 minute consultation to help you determine if counseling may be the next step in your healing process.