Appointments are available Monday through Friday, with available times varying on the day. Day and evening appointments are available. Please call me or email me to schedule an appointment. Session fees are: $95 for individuals and $115 for couples.

At this time I am not currently contracted with insurance companies. There are some insurances with plans that will reimburse clients for an out-of-network provider. You can call me for more information on how this works. 

If you wish to have payment reimbursed you will need to do a few things first. Payment is usually reimbursed by certain PPO Healthcare plans. If you have a PPO you can call the number on the back of your insurance card. You will want to find out these questions when you call.

1.  Does my plan cover out of networkmental health providers? (Give them your I.D. number to ensure they are looking at your specific plan, as plans vary.)

2.  Do I have a deductible for out of network providers? 

3.  What percentage of the provider's fee will be reimbursed?  Often PPOs will give you back a percentage of the cost of the fee.  For example;  If you have a 20% deductible then you would end up paying in the end $64 for each individual session because the insurance will send you a check for the difference. 

4.  Will it be necessary for the therapist to give me a mental health diagnosis in order to be reimbursed? In short, yes. The form that I will give you requires a diagnosis. Many insurance companies will not process or cover services that do not have a covered diagnosis on the form. For information on what diagnoses are covered refer to your specific insurance plan.

NOTE: If you are using reimbursement through your insurance then you will pay the cost of the session up front.  I will give you a receipt with which you can send into the insurance for reimbursement. Also note that it will be up to you to determine the benefits and eligibility of your plan for reimbursement. I can not guarantee payment from your insurance plan.

I accept cash and all major credit or debit cards. Please be advised that I no longer accept personal checks. Credit or debit cards must have a Visa or Mastercard logo. I also accept HSA and Flex spending cards with a Visa or Mastercard Logo.

Are you ready to schedule an appointment? Call 209.602.9443 or email me to schedule today!