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New book suggestion

I love books.  I think they can be so helpful.  Especially in couples therapy, I will often suggest books as an adjunct to sessions.  There are a couple of reasons.  First, it gets the most for your couples session dollars.  The books I suggest are an adjunct to what we are learning in session.  Second, it gives you time to continue to process what is happening in session.  I found a great new book, applicable to everyone but especially helpful for families and couples.  I think very highly of Gary Chapman and his work.  I suggest the Five Love Languages to couples daily, and often to individuals as well.  Its that important.  I recently found another book by Mr. Chapman that will go on my "often suggested list."  When Sorry Isn't Enough.  Did you know that there are different ways to say I'm sorry?  And just as each person has a different way to give and receive love, each of us has different perceptions on apology, and what creates a believable apology and leads to forgiveness and healing.  There is also a great resource www.5lovelanguages.com where you can do the online profiles for apology and love languages.  These tools are a great way to understand more about yourself, which can help you facilitate communication with your partner!  So here I am, doing the happy dance at this new found resource!  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!  :)

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